The Everything Bundle (Lifetime Access to all past, present and future courses)

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This is a lifetime course, so I have to charge a lifetime price. (As of 3/25/2024 the price has been upgraded 50% off for CNC members)

If you own this course, you will never have to purchase another course created by @rogers1906. All updates, new courses will be included in this bundle. There is no monthly fee, just a one time purchase. Learn to trade like a pro and never spend another dime investing in learning once you own this course.

Upon purchase, videos are included in links. Everything within every course I have taught and will teach will be added to this bundle. Thank you for your purchase.

All Sales are final.

Time frames of video content (Recommended Order to view)

Start with these for the basics

I. Beginner Bundle:

A. Beginner bundle part 1 (Buying Stocks vs. Options Introduction) 20.08 min. 

B. Beginner bundle part 2 (Tradingview, Entries & Exits) 24.44 min 

C. Beginner bundle part 3 (Trading Trends, Oscillators, and How to trade options) 21.46 minutes 

II. Intermediate Options Reloaded 39.20 minutes 

III. RSI Training On demand 12.25 minutes  

IV. How to find potential tickers to trade 19:02 minutes

Once you learn the basics I would navigate to these videos

V. Flawless Trading System (Order to view)

A. The flawless day trading strategy is 41.58 minutes

B. Your Trade, Their Trend: Flawless 2.0 1:32 minutes

C. The Secret Sauce (old version) 9 minutes or Secret Sauce of Flawless Trading 1hour 12 minutes (Wyckoff Indicator replacement)

D. Entries and exits 7.34 min.  

E. Ema for Free Trading View Users 4:27 minutes

F. How to establish and view trendlines in Tradingview

G. Ichimoku Cloud Indicator & How to use it

H. Flawless Day Trading for Crypto

I. Flawless Put Options Setup

VI. The Truth 51.01 min

VII. The Strat Made Simple

Other helpful courses within the Everything Bundle (In order to view)

  1. Next Level Stock Analysis-Mark's On the Go Method 2022 50.49 minutes 
  2. Swing and Spread Trading Essentials 39.30 minutes 
  3. Put Options and Spreads (On demand) 1hour 7 minutes 
  4. Bankers fund 15. 2 minutes
  5. Flawless Day Trading for Crypto 14:19 minutes
  6. Earnings Trading 101
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All sales final.

Everything excluding zoom calls and access to the CNC discord.

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The Everything Bundle (Lifetime Access to all past, present and future courses)

37 ratings
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